Upcoming Events

  • Mental & Spiritual Experts Advice On Living Through A Crisis
    Time is TBD
    West Orange
    In the midst of lockdowns, we are all experiencing depression of some form or another. From being locked out of houses of worship to losing a loved one, or a job, or just having our lives upended
  • Operation Understanding
    Time is TBD
    New Jersey
    One day a white woman from the suburbs and a black woman from the city had a REAL conversation about what it means is to be white & black right now in 2020. From that discussion, this program was born. We hope you will join us as we work to bridge the gap.
  • Homeschooling in NJ (recorded session)
    Homeschooling in NJ
    It doesn't matter if you are new to homeschooling or a veteran! Urban Gobal Health Alliance wants to help embolden, support and empower families in their decisions when it comes to education. Please join this webinar to learn from experts & seasoned homeschoolers.