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Oct 05, 2021
In Thankful Thursday
So this is on my mind. Sweet little old lady is walking down stairs to her basement apartment . End of a long day, tired and distracted because the ballgame didn't end well. She slips and falls down the last few steps, landing hard on the floor. Her daughter hears the thump and goes to check. She is curled up on the floor, not responding . The 911 call frightens her grandchildren and the neighbors. EMTs get ready to transport her to the ER. The QUESTION comes: Has she been vaccinated? No. Our hospital policy is that we do not waste beds on the unvaccinated. EMT's pack up and leave the old lady on the floor ; alive and breathing , still unconscious . Fade to daughter calling on her phone to try and find care. Why is this on my mind? Could this happen in a first world country? My children seem to be ok with the concept of refusing to treat unvaccinated. Interested in your thoughts.
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