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  • If the rationale for this mandate is to help ease hospital capacity to manage COVID-19, why is this mandate permanent and not tied to the state of emergency?

  • Why is this mandate only directed at school-aged children, when they account for less than 10% of flu-related hospitalizations? 

  • What is the legal basis for mandating a medical intervention in healthy children that is not proven substantially safe or efficacious? 

  • Education is a fundamental right in New Jersey. What educational alternatives will the state provide for non-religious families who still wish to decline the flu shot for their children, but do not have the means to homeschool?

  • In NJ, medical exemptions are rare (0.2% of kindergartners in 2019) and only granted per vaccine based on CDC contraindications. “Life-threatening” anaphylaxis to a previous dose is the only contraindication for the flu vaccine.


  • What will be the remedy for children who are at increased risk for an adverse reaction or who have already suffered a severe adverse reaction to a previous dose (ie. Seizure, high fever, urticaria, angioedema, GBS, syncope)? 

  • How will the state provide FAPE to qualified children who refuse the flu vaccine?

  • Please provide studies that support the safety of an annual flu vaccine in healthy children, specifically looking at the cumulative effect over 18+ years?

  • When over 71% of New Jersians voluntarily receive a flu vaccine (one of highest rates in the country), why is a mandate necessary?

  • What will happen if we do not comply?

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Joseph Vitale- Chair (District 19) Sponsor of bill S2907



Senator Fred Madden– Vice-Chair (District 4)    

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(856) 401-3073


Senator Richard Codey (District 27)


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Senator Kristin Corrado (District 40) Medical Freedom Supporter!

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Senator Vin Gopal (District 11)

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(732) 695-3374


Senator James Holzapfel (District 10)

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Senator Ronald Rice (District 28) 

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Senator Robert Singer (District 30)

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Assembly Health Committee


Dr. Herb Conaway - Chair (District 7) Sponsor of bill A4576

(856) 461-3997


Angelica M.  Jimenez- Vice-Chair   (District 32)

(201) 223-4247


John Armato    (District 2)

(609) 382-5421


Daniel R. Benson  (District 14)

(609) 631-0198


Jamel C. Holley   (District 20) Medical Freedom Supporter 

(908) 624-0880 (Union)

(908) 327-9119 (Elizabeth)


Nancy F. Munoz   (District 21)

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Erik Peterson (District 23) Medical Freedom Supporter!

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Nancy J.  Pinkin  (District 18)

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Brian E.  Rumpf   (District 9) Medical Freedom Supporter!

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Holly T.  Schepisi   (District 39) Medical Freedom Supporter!

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Shanique  Speight  (District 29)

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Christopher Tully  (District 38)

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Anthony S.  Verrelli  (District 15)

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